NC Concealed Carry (CCH)

This course is required for anyone who wishes to obtain a concealed carry handgun permit in North Carolina. Our instructors are certified by the state of NC and the course is approved by the NC DOJ. This course is honored by the sheriff’s department in every county across North Carolina.

The state of NC requires 8 hours of classroom time, plus range time. We do this all in a one-day course (about 10 hours) and includes all required classroom and range time on the same day. Most classes are held on a weekend day or holiday and usually run from 8:30am till around 6:30-7pm.

Students are required to bring an approved handgun, 50 rounds of ammunition, plus eye & ear protection.

Equipment rentals are available for an additional cost. See “Rental Equipment”. Rentals include the use of a handgun, all ammunition, and eye & ear protection.

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