Advanced Handgun

Don’t let the word “advanced” scare you. This course is suitable for both new and experienced shooters. In fact, new shooters usually experience faster results as they have fewer "bad habits" to overcome.

The course takes a students shooting ability to the next level, and better prepares students for real world shooting situations by incorporating outside factors such as shooting from different positions, engaging multiple targets, movement, and stress. When most people go to the range to practice, they are limited to shooting at one target while standing still. It is proven that the way you practice is the way you will "do" in real life, and if you plan for only one attacker or if you only practice standing still, you will be at a disadvantage in real life. This class not only teaches what to do, it better prepares students by letting them experience how outside factors affect their shooting ability and accuracy.

The course is about 5 hours long (depending on class size) and is almost entirely spent on the range.

Students are required to bring an approved handgun, at least one extra magazine or speed-load device, 200 rounds of ammunition, holster, plus eye & ear protection. Handgun rentals are available for an additional cost. Rentals include the use of a handgun, extra magazines, holster, all ammunition, and eye & ear protection.

To ensure a lot of quality one on one time with an instructor, this class is limited to only 5 students per instructor.


NOTE: Our Advanced Handgun Courses are mostly offered in the spring and fall of the year when the weather is nice, as we spend the majority of class outside on the range. Usually the Basic Handgun Familiarization Courses and Advanced Handgun Courses are scheduled for the same day, with the basic class in the morning and the advanced class after lunch.

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