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If you are better than others, you must be different.

At Arm Yourself Training we believe we are different from most other firearms training in two very important ways.

-Just because someone is a qualified firearms instructor, does not make them a good teacher. People learn differently and we understand that. In addition to being qualified, our instructors are true teachers who take pride in their ability to cater to the individual needs of our students. At an Arm Yourself Training course, our instructors explain everything so each student completely understands the material. Someone who completely understands the material has the ability to make intelligent decisions, rather than just do what they were told.

-A lot of other firearms instructors teach students only one "way" to do something based on what they have been taught, or what they think is best. Usually, we believe that there is more than one "way" to do something. The "way" that works best for you may not be the "way" that works best for someone else. Our instructors will explain the various "ways" to do something, they will then help you decide which "way" works best for you, and finally show you how to master your "way" through practice.

Our students go home with a complete understanding of the material, know what "ways" work best for them, and have a plan for how they can master what they learned. It is this combination of knowledge, training, and practice that allows our students to be better equipped to respond to any situation.

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